Partner Marketing

Looking for a great way to put your product in front of 1000s of highly targeted customers?  We have the solution just for you.  Add your product info to one of our baseball or softball boxes and see the results.  

Our monthly Subscription Boxes reach 1000s of baseball and softball players looking to improve their game and also to provide ways to show their love of the game.  These are a very engaged and highly targeted customers that are sure to try your product.  

Here's How it works:

  1. Select how many customers you would like to target
  2. Send us an insert that we can include in our box
  3. Track the results with a coupon code or just see the sales.

Simple, effective, and easy

Get in front of this demographic:

  • Baseball or Softball Players and Family
  • Players aged 8-15 years old
  • Parents or Grandparents of baseball or softball players
  • Dedicated to playing the sport


  • 6 Posts on our Facebook/Instagram Pages 

LEAD OFF - $199

  • For 1 Month, your Insert Placed in 500 boxes
  • 2 Posts on our Facebook Page


  • One Month, Insert placed in 750 Boxes
  • 4 Posts on our Facebook Page


  • One Month, Insert placed in 1000 Boxes
  • 8 Facebook Posts
  • Insert placed on top and seen first when opening


  • Customize a solution for you


Spots are limited, contact us for preferred months

Inserts are provided by advertiser.