Rawlings Hitting Jack-it


Build power and bat speed with the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It Baseball Bat Weight, the only weight in the game you can hit during live batting practice! The Rawlings Hitting Jack-It quickly builds bat speed and power, and forces the batter’s hands to work properly.

Regular batting donut weights focus all the bat weight on the barrel, which can lead to casting and poor swing mechanics. The Rawlings Hitting Jack-It solves this problem; its design keeps hands from casting while building power, bat speed, and using proper form. Professional baseball players like Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays third baseman, and Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox second baseman, are now relying on the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It for building strength & power and improving their hitting skills.


  • Can be used in live batting practice
  • 9oz.
  • Great for players of all levels (age 8 and up)
  • Helps build power and bat speed
  • Far superior to regular batting donuts that can cause casting
  • Strengthens hands and forearms
  • Use with live hitting, tee work, or as an on-deck weight.

Using the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It

During live batting practice, take as many swings as you desire with the added swing weight. Then remove the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It to feel the added performance and increased bat speed.

Securing and removing the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It

Slide the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It onto the handle of the bat with the “wide end” facing up toward the barrel of the bat. Slide the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It up the bat until snug. Turn the bat over and tap the bat on the ground firmly securing the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It in place. For overall safety the open slot of the Rawlings Hitting Jack-It should always face the catcher and the closed side with the logo should always face the pitcher.

Removing is as easy as tapping the handle of the bat on the ground to free it from its firm grip.

Workout Plans

Workout Plan 1: Light to Heavy

  • Stretch out to loosen your entire body.
  • Secure the 9oz. (red)
  •  take 10-15 swings off the tee. Remove the 12oz. Hitting Jack-It from the bat.
  • Secure the weight your bat and take 8-10 swings of live batting practice.

Daily Workout Plans

Increase Bat Speed Day

  • Stretch out to loosen your entire body.
  • Secure the 9oz. Hitting Jack-It. Hit 25 balls of the tee working to all fields.
  • With the 9oz. still secured on the bat, take 25 soft toss swings again working to all fields.
  • With the 9oz. still secured on the bat, take 10- 15 live batting practice swings.
  • Remove the 9oz. Hitting Jack-It from your bat and take 20-25 live swings working to all fields.